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  • What the types of the Insurance packages in Kuwait?
    In Kuwait, there are two types of the packages, Mandatory Insurance and the Full Insurance.
  • Do you deals with Insurance comapnies with all Insurance types?
    Yes, our service is open to all Insurance customers types, and non-insuraned customers also are welcomed.
  • What shall I do before reach you?
    When your car have an accident, you shall provide us with the Accident Report issued by the Police station and based on your Insurance type we will proceed.
  • How could I get a estimation for the repairing?
    You can get an approximate estimate by sending us your car photos by Mail, Whatsapp or by online application on our website. And the exact estimation will be by visiting us in our location.
  • How long will take my car to get repaired?
    Depends on the damages and spare parts availability.
  • Do you offering a warranty on your repairings?
    Yes we do, you will get a five years warranty on the repairings, anything happens to the works will be covered under the warranty; Changing the color of the paint, paint peeling or any other damages. (Exept the natural wear or wears caused by the climate)
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